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Our late father, architect and builder Jose L. Reynoso loved everything in life, including great tasting, well presented food. Our 88 year old mother, Africa J. Valdes of Angeles, Pampanga, provided all that, including our grandfather’s cook, Apong Metyang, who later stayed with us until her death. Both women were great teachers-they simplified the seemingly difficult, used only the very best ingredients available locally with the belief that to get the best results, one must likewise put in only the best, and most importantly, let us 9 children smell, feel, and touch what was to be cooked or baked that day. Children absorb anything taught to them, most especially if one made it fun and exciting. The kitchen became our classroom and playground, and it did not come as a surprise to our parents when all of us opted to go into the food business. We were sent to the best cooking schools abroad. In 1963, Erlinda (Leni) and Edna opened the Reynoso Cooking School in Malate. Leno got married and went to the United States with her family. The “cooking bug” never left her and attended more schools there. To date, she is the only certified Wilton , Chicago USA instructor in the Philippines , while Edna and her family operate several restaurants in Baguio City .On February 9, 1970, our ever supportive father allowed me to teach everything I learned from abroad in our kitchen on 10 Ipil Road; Forbes Park, Makati. Our students came from far and near, from 6 to 70 years old. Courses taught ranged from children’s cooking and Baking, Family Home Cooking, Restaurant and Party Fare Courses, Bakeshop Cakes and Pastries, Bread baking.In 1983, we moved to a more accessible location, Shaw Blvd ; Pasig and our 2 children, Morella and Ernest, after graduating from Brent International School , studied the culinary arts abroad. Morella was valedictorian at the IHMES, a hotel and restaurant school in Isle of Man , United Kingdom , and also studied at Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in London , England , while Ernest has a Full Course diploma from The Thai Cooking School at the Oriental Hotel, Bangkok , Thailand . We also took several courses on Asian and International cuisine in different cooking schools in Hong Kong .Our goal is to teach as many “Money Making Courses at Home” ion the firm belief that peace in our country will only come with economic prosperity. As our late father would always say: “Pag naturuan mo ang isa, pati apo niya, makikinabang.” (When you impart your knowledge to one, even his/her grandchildren will benefit from it).

To all those who trusted us, our students, their families, food companies, media and most especially to the Lord, thank you for allowing us to share this dream with you for the past 35 years.

Sylvia’s List of Companies for Recipe Development

  • 2 cookbooks for National Panasonic (1989 and 2004)
  • UFC Banana Catsup (1974 )
  • Commonwealth foods Cocoa Ricoa (1983 to Present)
  • Ladies Choice Mayonnaise (1969)
  • Hunt’s Universal Robina -Tomato/Spaghetti Sauces (2004 to present)
  • San Miguel Food Group -Monterey, Magnolia Chicken, Magnolia Butter, Magnolia Cheeses, Milk, Cooking oil, jams, preserves, all purpose cream(1986 to present)
  • Kraft Foods- Cheeses and Mayo (1990 to 2003)
  • Century Canning Corporation-all variants of tuna and Pink Canadian Salmon (1990 to present)
  • Pacific Meat Company Inc.- Argentina Corn Beef and all other products (2005 to present)
  • Getz Brothers-Lea and Perrins,A-1 steak sauce(1996)
  • Rustans-Barilla Pasta (1996)
  • SCA Hygiene-TORK Paper deep fried Recipes
  • Glad Products-Baked paper
  • Merisant Philippines-EQUAL-Sugar Free Recipes (2006)
  • Chowking Food Corporation
  • Campbell Soup(2000-2003)
  • Link Import Export-Avoset Cream
  • DCM Commercial Ovens-Baked Products
  • Eagle Wings Kitchen-Barbecued Recipes, high pressured Chinese Cooking and fast food recipes
  • Top Choice Canola, corn oil, canned products
  • Purefoods Flour
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