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We provide state of the art equipment with separate lecture and demonstration rooms. Our modern and high-end kitchen laboratory provides 100% hands-on training. Each workstation features one sink, one preparation table, one high powered stove with oven, one deep fryer, and one exhaust hood. To maximize hands-on culinary training, each workstation will have a maximum of 2 students.

All chef instructors are fully certified and highly respected in the culinary industry.



Our state of the art facility provides students with the best culinary environment in the industry.

  • Fully air-conditioned lecture lab
  • State of the art demo lab
  • 12 workstations (each station includes: sink, prep table, high-pressured stove w/ oven, dual deep fryer and individual exhaust) By Unifab Metal Industries
  • 3 52” Samsung Flat screen TV’s for maximum visibility of demonstrations by chef instructors
  • 6 deep stainless steel sinks for heavy washing by Unifab Metal Industries
  • 2 26 cubic feet Samsung refrigerator with freezer (demo lab), 1 18 cubic feet Samsung refrigerator with freezer (lecture lab)
  • 2 industrial size DCM professional ovens
  • 4 high technology Samsung microwaves
  • 8 floor mounted Samsung air-conditioning units
  • State of the art sound Samsung systems
  • 5 industrial exhaust fans by Unity Exhaust Systems
  • Industrial outlets (2 per station)
  • 2 Samsung washing machines
  • 3 industrial fans
  • 60 personal locker units (rental is optional)
  • 4 bathrooms

Course Requirements:

  • 2×2 ID picture
  • Medical clearance
  • Reservation payment (full payment must be made on or before the first day of class)

Courses Offered:

Level I – Chef de Partie

3 months course (20 lessons)
Tuesdays& Thursdays
*Accepting enrolment NOW

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Level II – Sous Chef

3 months course (20 lessons)/ Tuesdays & Thursdays
*Enrolment begins 2013

Level III – Chef de Cuisine

3 months course (20 lessons)/ Tuesdays & Thursdays
*Enrolment begins 2013


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